Homework Humanities Wednesday

1. Read pages 49-60 in Animal Farm. Due by Friday.
2. Read Martin Luther King Junior’s speech again, and watch him. Remember, they are under Persuasive on my Diigo account, and there’s a link for the words and to watch the speech. This time, on your blog, write about what you notice about:
A. How he uses his voice (volume, pacing, pauses, inflection, facial expressions, body language, etc.)
B. Notice his sentence structure. Are all the sentences the same length, different lengths? Why are some sentences short and others long?
C. Look for literary devices, such as repetition, analogies (metaphors and similes), alliteration, symbolism, hyperbole, and so on.
Tomorrow we will talk about these elements of a good speech. We will look at a couple more examples.
Friday you will give a speech to the class, and tomorrow is to give you ideas for how to write and deliver it. You will choose the topic. It will be about whatever you think is important, just as Severin Suzuki did.

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