Homework Tuesday

Go to Purdue OWL link: On the left there are tabs: MLA Works Cited Page. Look at the sections on how to cite: 1.basic 2. books 3. periodicals 4. electronic sources Be ready to discuss what you learned tomorrow in class.

Maximizing privacy on Facebook

This is an important video for everyone to watch. Log into your Facebook account, and as the video continues, go through and mark your settings: You may want to watch this also:

Monday Support Homework

1. Write a two or three paragraph descriptive passage about Ji Li and her surroundings. Include information about: her appearance her surroundings what she does her thoughts Include at least one analogy and carefully-selected images. Take me to the place and help me to learn about her. 2. Red Scarf Girl pages 218-243 also due […]

Monday homework Humanities

1. Add one, or better two, ideas to the Control igoogle document regarding the methods Hitler used to control, and the effects on the citizens. 2. Explore Viola’s question: Why are there fewer totalitarian regimes now than there were in the last century? Why do some ultimately fail? If you have ideas, you can add […]

Homework Humanities Monday

Good job on the speeches. I am always impressed by you, and thankful for your effort. 1. Finish Animal Farm. Go onto the control googledoc and add one idea. 2. Write a self-analysis of your speech. What did you do well, what might you continue to work on or improve? See you tomorrow.

Homework Support Friday

Read pages 173-217 by Tuesday, 23rd November. Add another method of control to the googledoc. Also, add 3 questions you’ve asked yourself to your reading journal (or put on post-it notes). Write for 20 minutes at least once.

Homework Humanities Friday

By Monday you must have read to page 84 in Animal Farm. Also, please post your Animal Farm essay quiz 1 on your blog, edited, by Monday. Lastly, if you have not yet delivered your speech, please do so on Monday. HaYoung and JunHo, you may wait to talk with me first if you prefer. […]

Humanities homework Thursday

Hello Dear Persuasive Comrades, Tonight write your speech, and post it on your blog or send it to yourself so that you can pull it up and make last-minute edits tomorrow. It should be short: one half a page maximum. Remember, there is a Rhetorical Techniques.speech handout, as well as the rubric for grading the […]

Homework Support Wednesday

Read pages 140-172 in Red Scarf Girl. Add one more idea to the googledoc on control from Maoist China.

Homework Humanities Wednesday

1. Read pages 49-60 in Animal Farm. Due by Friday. 2. Read Martin Luther King Junior’s speech again, and watch him. Remember, they are under Persuasive on my Diigo account, and there’s a link for the words and to watch the speech. This time, on your blog, write about what you notice about: A. How […]

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