Vacation reminder

Have a great time! Support people: remember your personal word list and reading log are due, but you do NOT have to include this vacation week.

Homework Humanities Thursday

Finish your persuasive essay and send it to me please.

Homework Support

Make at least four sticky notes with ideas from your reading. Use the cards on the ring to help you think of ideas. Bring them Friday. Remember to start practicing reading your vignette for your performance after vacation.

Homework Wednesday Humanities

Continue to work on your persuasive essay, which is due Friday. Spend 20 minutes looking through news sites. Find one article that you will use for HotSpots tomorrow and email yourself the URL link.

Homework Humanities Tuesday

Write your persuasive essay, which is due Friday before vacation. Before you send it make sure to check for: 1. Repetitive language 2. No use of the first person, “I” 3. Subject/verb agreement 4. The correct use of articles 5. Spelling errors Remember: here are the paragraphs: 1. Introduction, starting with a hook and ending […]

Homework Monday

Persuasive essay outline for: Was industrialization good for the world? Remember: you need to go to the website on my Diigo account on how to write a persuasive essay. You are still working on the outline, steps 1 through 4. Click on this link. That means you have: 1. Determined your position pro or con. […]

Homework Support Monday

Write your first draft of your vignette, and send to me by Tuesday morning before school. Before you send it: 1. Listen for any errors using Natural Reader. 2. Check your spelling carefully.

Homework Humanities Friday

Look in the Grammar/Spelling tab, and review the information about spelling/word endings and spelling/ed and ing endings Bring at least 4 things you didn’t know or questions you have about this information. Do lots of independent reading. Have a great weekend.

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