Homework Tuesday

You can finish up your thoughts on 3-2-1 googledoc if you need to.
Then, remember: you are to read the attachment under Quarter 2 for the tribe you were given. Then fill in your notes on the grid Ms. Pravin handed you (which is also uploaded under Quarter 2 in case you lost it).
Reminder: the groups are:
Igbo: JiYoon, WooJin, Viola, Misato, Yun-Lin, SuHyun
Yoruba: HaYoung, Meor, ChaeWon, Yuli, JiHo, Minji, Yun-Han, Antoine
Hausa-Fulani: SooBin, JunHo, Hagar, TaeWon, Kosma, DongKyu
Bring your notes to class tomorrow.

Please remember to try to view your video on Quarter 1 to see if you can view it from home and come tell me. Thanks


  1. vcsurgay says:

    I could see the movie at home it works perfectly it is just a little slow in loading..

  2. dongkyu says:

    I can see one, but others are saying that, “If you have permission to watch this video, please type in your password.” however still I can see one clearly.

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