Homework Humanities Monday

Welcome back. Hope to see you tomorrow. Your homework:
1. 20 minutes of online quizzes regarding spelling of ed-ing endings. Look in Diigo, tag ed_ing. I think there are currently approximately 8 sites with free quizzes tagged.
2. Remember: map of Africa quiz next Monday. 20 countries correct gets you full credit.
3. Retake of articles quiz with noun quantifiers is also on Monday.
4. Remember that you need to read current events articles, approximately 3 days per week. Keep in mind you’re looking for one that would be good to do a Hot Spot on. That’s the activity we did before break where you determine whether the reporter did a good job of portraying the truth of the situation. We did one together before regarding the Commonwealth games, then you did one on your own. You selected this activity as the best way to document your current events reading.
5. Friday there will also be 2 quizzes: one on ‘ed-ing’ spelling endings. The other quiz will be for the first and second column of the homonyms paper.
Thank you


  1. Viola says:

    Do we choose one Article and put them on the same Google docs? And when is it due??

    • cbrown says:

      You will be choosing one article out of the several you read over the next two weeks. For right now, just bookmark the ones you like and you can choose closer to the time, which is one week from this Friday. Thanks

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