Humanities homework Wednesday

Have a great four-day break. Remember: 1. Read and select the current event you will use for hotspot. Go to the link I sent you and fill in one of the rows. Due Monday MORNING at 8:00 am. 2. Fill in the content word vocabulary graphic organizer for each of the following power words:(the entire […]

Support homework Tuesday

1. Two sessions of 20 minutes of free writing in your writer’s notebook or on your Word document (although of course you may really start having fun with this, in which case write as much as you like 🙂 2. Make a title page in your reader’s log. Continue to decorate it over the time […]

Humanities homework Tuesday

1. Read the information for your region (either northern, eastern, or western Nigeria) and think about your ideas for the slogan, pledge, where you think the roads should go, what form of government, etc. Be ready to make your Nigerian conference plan with your group tomorrow. 2. We will be watching Amazing Grace during our […]

Humanities Homework Monday

1. Answer the critical reflection question on the Nigeria Circle of Viewpoints googledoc and make sure to tell why. 2. Go to Quarter 2 and read the article entitled “Overview of British Colonialism in Nigeria.” Either print it and write notes, highlight, etc. on the paper, or type notes and email them to yourself. Be […]

Humanities homework Friday

Study study study study for the 1. articles quiz 2. African map quiz and have a great weekend

Homework Humanities Thursday

Please finish up the “Analyzing types of control” that corresponds with your picture and event (both are in quarter 2 on this blog). Then, go to the googledoc Circle of Viewpoints. Remember: one of you must assume the viewpoint of one side in the situation, and the other must assume a different, and usually opposing, […]

Wednesday Humanities homework

Good job on the presentations. Remember to finish your 3-way Venn diagram comparing the tribes and bring it to class tomorrow, with your name on it. Remember to practice endings quizzes, and the endings paper I gave you. Bring questions. Study your homonyms paper, 2 columns.

Homework Tuesday

You can finish up your thoughts on 3-2-1 googledoc if you need to. Then, remember: you are to read the attachment under Quarter 2 for the tribe you were given. Then fill in your notes on the grid Ms. Pravin handed you (which is also uploaded under Quarter 2 in case you lost it). Reminder: […]

Support Homework

Practice your vignette. We’ll read them to the class Wednesday. Independent reading, and make at least 4 sticky notes where you have done some of the things from your powerpoint slides ring on deep reading.

Homework Humanities Monday

Welcome back. Hope to see you tomorrow. Your homework: 1. 20 minutes of online quizzes regarding spelling of ed-ing endings. Look in Diigo, tag ed_ing. I think there are currently approximately 8 sites with free quizzes tagged. 2. Remember: map of Africa quiz next Monday. 20 countries correct gets you full credit. 3. Retake of […]

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