Homework Support Monday

On the Quarter 1 page there is an attachment entitled How to Write a Vignette. Read the attachment and come with questions about how to do the assignment. Also choose two or three additional Mango Street vignettes. Read them, and on your blog write 1. about the theme and 2. select two or three details […]

Homework Humanities Friday

All videos, music files, and pictures should be brought to school, ready to edit and make into a film on Monday. Tuesday the final edit is due. If at all possible you should try to stay after school Monday and/or Tuesday if you truly want a quality product. We have very little time and much […]

Homework Thursday Humanities

Please send me the most recent draft of your entire script by 9 pm tonight. Make sure to include the names of all group members on the draft. Decide who will be reading what. We will be recording all narration tomorrow. Continue to get the photos, videos, and music that you need. You will be […]

Support homework

Continue to read and work on your personal word list. Reworking your name vignette is optional, but will improve your grade. The rework should be on your blog, not comments, by 1st of October. Email me to alert me if you resubmit.

Homework Humanities Wednesday

Hello and have fun writing your script. Remember: start with some narration that introduces the common themes, then move to the bio of the historical figure, then the bio of the modern figure, then tie it together. Include both narration and written titles. Email a copy of your part, listing the names of your characters […]

Homework Tuesday Humans

1. IMPORTANT: WE’LL PUT THE ARTICLES ACTIVITY ON HOLD BECAUSE I’VE JUST BEEN ALERTED ABOUT THE MOVIE TIMELINE AND IT IS SHORT. My apologies. We will do our best to meet this timeline. If it’s not possible, we’ll have our own movie viewing party. However, let’s try and see if we can pull this off. […]

Support Homework

Work on your first draft of your name passage. Paste it in the COMMENTS section to this post by Wednesday. That way we can look at everyone’s once more easily and discuss them. Sincerely, Catherine the Pure. Yeap. Look it up. That’s my name. Pure like crystal geodes, but not as scintillating and hopefully not […]

Monday Humanities homework

We have several projects going right now. Remember: 1. Continue to work on your photo essay, which is due Monday, 20th September. 2. We will have two quizzes on Friday: one is for at least 20 countries in the Western Hemisphere. The other is an articles quiz. 3. You will be presenting your articles activity […]

Looking ahead

Some of you fabulous students are wanting to know when the photoessay is due. The answer is the 17th of September (next Friday). Remember though: you do need to turn in your reading log and personal word list, although technically the reading log only needs to have 2 days on this last week. Look over […]

Monday Humanities

1. Prepare your ideas for a self-evaluation of your participation in the group dialogue today, in which you shared your letter with your group. Ask yourself: Did you listen well? Did you make eye contact with your group members? Did you answer the 3 levels completely? Did you offer new information to the conversation? Be […]

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