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For Thursday, come with your mindmap web, fully developed. Have the theme and symbol in the middle. Use analogies, sensory details, images, and character descriptions around the edges. Remember: you should have way too many so that we can select the best.

Bring your book for silent reading.

Bring Mango Street


  1. Ms. Singh says:

    Can a person be a symbol of a theme? I am a little confused. For example say ,for the theme of music inspiring someone, could an artiste be a symbol?

  2. Viola says:

    Hello Ms. Brown,
    I tought about a symbol. I thought if I have `Self doubt and Jealus¬¨¬•can I use My Drawing Notebook, because if I am angy or jealus I get to my Notebook and draw for a while. So would that work? If yes could you hep me with that a little tomorrow? Thankyou…

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