Support Homework Thursday

I only have one person who has alerted me they have worked on their name vignette. By Monday it must be resubmitted or I won’t be able to change your grade! Please continue to work on your vignette map. Remember: analogies, images, and sensory details will to a large extent make or break your work, […]

Homework Thursday

*Map test and articles test tomorrow. *Tonight’s homework: Go into the googledoc for Connect/Extend/Challenge. Put two or three ideas for each column: Connect: What connections do the essential questions make for you with your prior knowledge: Why do people move? Why does change happen? How does change affect individuals and society? Did industrialization help the […]

Homework Humanities

NOTE: If you get an email from me with a googledocs link, it’s for tomorrow in class. Don’t worry about it tonight. Thank you. Study for the articles test. Look over all three documents. Make sure you know the rules for singular, plural, and noncount. Make sure you know specific versus general. Remember rules for […]

Support Homework

For Thursday, come with your mindmap web, fully developed. Have the theme and symbol in the middle. Use analogies, sensory details, images, and character descriptions around the edges. Remember: you should have way too many so that we can select the best. Bring your book for silent reading. Bring Mango Street

Homework Humanities

1. Be prepared to teach the class your article activity with your group. 2. Photo essay due Monday. 3. Come Monday morning to the place posted to take the ISA math test, with pencils and a sharpener and a bilingual dictionary. Get rest and eat well so you’re ready to do well (testing all week, […]

Support Homework

Work on your vignette and email it to Ms. Brown for editing. Reading log and personal word list due Monday.

Homework Humanities

1. Your movie needs to be finished by the end of class tomorrow; no exceptions. Get any final pictures, video clips, or music tonight. 2. Try to finish most of your first draft of your photoessay and send it to me tonight, so I can edit it during my prep periods tomorrow morning. 3. Look […]

Support Homework Wednesday

1. Watch the immigrant video on YouTube (in my Diigo account under Immigration and Industrial Revolution). This will be particularly helpful if you are going to do your vignette on the effect of changes on immigrants to the US during the Industrial Revolution. 2. Start working on your vignette. Remember, you will need to show […]

Homework Tuesday Humanities

Keep working on your movie and your photo essay. With your photo essay, you will be required to send me all of the text together in a Word document as well, so that I may edit it and submit to you to rework. You can send it to me by Thursday morning at 8 am […]

Homework Humanities

You should have all of your video clips, photos, and music downloaded. You should try to stay after school tomorrow (Tuesday) to get a big chunk done. It would be great if we could make the deadline.

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