Monday Homework

Today’s homework: 1. Download the free version of Natural Reader. Try to figure out how to use it. You want to get it to read back to you text in a Word document. Post a comment telling us if you were successful. 2. Find online grammar quizzes on Diigo and spend 15 minutes working on […]

Your first personal blog post

Wow! Your own place to share your fabulous self with the world! I hope you will love your blog. For your first post, please write about your ideas for how you can utilize this great tool. Of course you will respond to my assignments and comment with your peers. You will also have the opportunity […]

EDGE Inventions

Homework: 1. REMEMBER: your Quarter 1 content words graphic organizer is due Monday. 2. Continue to practice your skimming skills. Look at at least three more ideas from the Edge Inventions site. Then write a paragraph in which you select one of these ideas and defend it. That means the first sentence will introduce the […]

Quarter 1 Power words

Homework for tonight: Go to Quarter 1 and look up the power words. There are six words and six spaces on the back to back power words graphic organizer. Complete as much of the graphic organizer as you can for as many of the words as you can. We will discuss this tomorrow. You do […]


HOMEWORK FOR TONIGHT Add your response in the comments section of today’s post. Part 1. Look over the timeline of historic inventions. What do you notice about the A. Quantity B. Quality of the inventions listed as time progresses. In other words, what do you notice about the number and type of inventions in modern […]

Hooray for our website!

Yippee! We’re up and running. That means we’re not really using First Class anymore. Assignments will now be posted here on the blog. What’s even better, you don’t have to go scrolling through the homework calendar to find the attachments for assignments. They will all be listed on the page for the quarter. Good news […]

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