Homework for SUPPORT

Make eight or so sentences using alliteration to play with language. Post them as comments to this blog entry so that we can pull them up and read them together.

You may want to include incongruity as well. Feel free to make sketches if you like.

Ellsworth was too big of a file to upload onto this blog, so I have it in the conference folder for ESL support. It’s on your desktop.


  1. hvardi says:

    Helen said hello and her head got hairy.
    I don’t know if that was what we had to do…
    I can’t believe I got exactly 8 🙂

    • cbrown says:

      Eight sentences, not eight words please Hagar. Fun one, though.

    • hvardi says:

      Dad went to doodle Donald-duck and Didi.
      Baby baboon went on balloon and went to Bangalore.
      I searched for Gal Gonzales on Google.
      No one will notice that Noomer is on his knees.
      Mia’s mom jumped on Mario’s car.
      Should she go get a shower?
      They had to type the letter T.

  2. vcsurgay says:

    1. Dr. Doodle doodles drawings during the day.
    2. Elephants earn earrings for enthusiasm.
    3. Peacocks peak pies permanently to pale their pecker off.
    4. Since Super Snake and Superman work together on the same side they are a sweet team.
    5. Illness illustrates incredible scenes.
    6. Failing French class fears an F in your grade.
    7. Keya is kayaking and kindly knitting a kookaburra.
    8. Stubborn standing like someone saying summer break.

  3. antoine says:

    1)The silly salty dogie named Boby, was all melty.
    2)Matild is making some mallet magic music.
    3)Laurance’s low cow said a law.
    4)At Povage age,everybody were veg.
    5)The new few students knew that who was Lou.
    6)A male snail sends a mail drinking a ginger ale.
    7)A boy is playing with a cowboy toy named Malfoy.
    8)A man can land with a pan in his mind.

  4. Ha young says:

    1. Bear is busy to bake bread as bumbling bees.
    2. Clever, clean Catty cat is clapping.
    3. Donald Duck is dating Daisy Duck.
    4. Grossly, glumly ghost is going to Guam.
    5. Hanna had hard history book for her homework.
    6. Mickey Mouse’s mango milk is melting.
    7. Suddenly Sheriffa saw a stinky, sweaty snail.
    8. Tomas took a teeny, tiny t-shirt and tie.

  5. Yuli Percik says:

    1. Ronnie rolled her ribbon down the road
    2. Mike’s milk melted in mongolia
    3. Andrew arrived around eight o’clock and ate an apple.
    4. Bryan brought bananas boots and biographic book to his class.
    5. The cat couldn’t clim the tree
    6. Tom took the tea twice today
    7. Hanna had homework in humanities.

  6. SooBin Lee says:

    1. SooBin was super surprised at her satisfying score.
    2. HaYoung hesitated before handing out her home works.
    3. MinJi memorized melodic melody to sing for her mother.
    4. Yuli had yoga lesson in her yard about a year.
    5. Viola volunteered to welcome the visitors in Valentine’s Day in Venice.
    6. Hagar will have hilarious and handsome house in Holland.
    7. DongKyu discovered his daily journal in his dusty dress room.
    8. WooJin watched worms, walking on the wall in his dream,
    9. Antoine apologized about accusing Africans.
    10. Kosma kept his key in the kitchen.
    11. JiHo jumped when his jellyfish was inside of jelly jar.
    12. Ms.Brown baked the bitter brownies for birthday party.

  7. WJ says:

    1. Seoung Min want to see a sea.
    2. Catherine can make can.
    3. Sika can speak Spanish.
    4. Calvin like Calvin Klein Jeans and cats.
    5. Jerry is jealous and likes jelly-fish.
    6. Kaka knows about knee-kick.
    7. Pavarotti likes pizza and pasta.
    8. Beckham’s bag is black.
    9. Charlie Chaplin carried a cane.
    10.Albert and Anne were amazing people.
    11.Mr.Bean likes bean and teddy bear.

  8. dongkyu says:

    1. Those rabbits are running over roses.
    2. Michael messed up his math.
    3. Having hard homework isn’t good for health.
    4. Father fired five folks having fun with face book.
    5. My mother made mashed macaroni.
    6. Dongkyu discovered dogs dig holes.
    7. Story starts at seven sixty (7:30).
    8. Sharks are shopping sea foods in the sea.

  9. Kos says:

    David dives in a deep diving pool.
    Ivan ate an ice cream isolated in a igloo.
    Kevin kept his kind koala.
    Megan had malaria in Mexico.
    Alison ate an apple at the American embassy.
    Emma emailed Eva about the Elections.
    Thomas told Tamara that tomorrow the time will be diffrent.
    Carl called Condi to come over

  10. Minji says:

    1) The trainer trained a tiny teaspoon and the teaspoon teased tissue.
    2) A sorcerer scribbled a sketch of a screaming snake.
    3) A person paid pennies for a pea-poured pillow.
    4) The cranberry cereals came into a cramped cellar.
    5) The rich readers are running along the riffled rill.
    6) The groom gave a green grape to a greedy gilder in a gloomy day.
    7) My massive marble has a marigold mark on it.
    8) Since Saturday the secret has been scattered among six students.

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