Homework Support Wednesday

Remember Jacques Cousteau (and to read broadly and deeply) Due Friday 1. Read five blog posts from The Literature Machine blog, We’ve already looked at Catherine and Adrian. You can look at those again, but make sure to include Saswat (Rocks), Emily (the Snarling), and Chloe (Seven Yellow Cats). Under the comments to this post […]

Homework for Tuesday

1. Go onto GoogleDocs and write the definition and use the assigned word in a sentence, in the RIGHT HAND box of vocabulary for the Progressive Era. Read everyone else’s as well, and be ready to discuss all of the words in class tomorrow. 2. Download Firefox as a second browser for your home computer. […]

Homework for SUPPORT

Make eight or so sentences using alliteration to play with language. Post them as comments to this blog entry so that we can pull them up and read them together. You may want to include incongruity as well. Feel free to make sketches if you like. Ellsworth was too big of a file to upload […]

Homework for Monday

Make sure all of your information is logged in the googledocs, on the left hand side, for your section. Make sure you choose the correct doc for your class rotation, and make sure you don’t delete large sections of the doc. You remember the rules… Be ready to give your presentation tomorrow. You should be […]

Homework for the weekend

Remember: Homonyms quiz is now September 8th, the whole first column. If you don’t know them, try to stay after on Wednesday Sept. 1 for period 9 and I will help you. Turn in your personal word list and reading log to your Support teacher. Read the section you were given in your Industrial Revolution […]

Homework SUPPORT class

Reading log and personal word list DUE MONDAY! (If you are in Mrs. Panth’s class, turn it in to her and NOT Ms. Brown.) Ms. Brown’s class Support homework. You can write this in list form on your blog and not in comments: List 3 show not tell (descriptive passages) and 3 character notations you […]

Homework and Cornell Notes for the Industrial Revolution

Reminder: Homonyms quiz for the 1st column of words is September 1st. Bring back the back to school night invitation signed by your parent to indicate they have seen it. Your first reading log and personal word list is due either Friday (tomorrow) or Monday You do not need to work on the notes tonight. […]

Homework: Factory versus Cottage

IN THE COMMENTS SECTION write one or two paragraphs discussing the pros and cons of the factory, industrial model as compared with the cottage industry model that proceeded it. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each? Refer to at least one other person’s ideas in your reflections.

Humanities homework

Tuesday night homework: finish your toy and record the number of minutes you have spent in total. Write it on the back, along with your name.

Your partner’s reading profile/ SUPPORT

Homework for period 3 support with Ms. Brown Today you interviewed your partner about his or her thoughts while independent reading, as well as learning of the mind map. Post your homework on your own blog page, and not as a comment to this post. 1. In the first paragraph, summarize what you learned about […]

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